Arrivederci 2020!

4 thoughts on “Arrivederci 2020!”

  1. Hey, Arlene!
    Just a few words to say that you’ve been a beacon of creativity to me these past few years. I’ve been watching your whole career trajectory–when you up & moved to Rome to continue your screenwriting career. . .when you toughed it out writing your screenplay(s) showing up every morning at 5:00am and just doing it. . .when you reconfigured your life to become successful in the interior design field (in a place that’s no doubt got the best and awesomest designers anyplace in the world!)–still you made a go of it and you freaking did it, girlfriend!
    I’m a writer also, and anytime I’m feeling down in the dumps or negative about how my book is going, I channel YOU because you are my can-do example!

    Happy New Year and keep the faith because 2021 is going to be a whole lot better!

    Jackie in New York City –

  2. Jackie, wow. Thank you for reading and for the very kind words! I hope 2021 brings you much happiness and joy.

    I was so down post Jumping The Broom. It’s taken me years to get to this point. Keep writing, even when you don’t feel like it.

    I’m excited about this year despite all this uncertainty (and Miss Rona).

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