Introducing RENO ITALIANO, our HGTV pilot!

62 thoughts on “Introducing RENO ITALIANO, our HGTV pilot!”

    1. It was fabulous! I happened to walk through the living room and was wowed! Then, I tried to find it on demand. Nope. Tried to see the next airing and scrolled through over a week of programming and couldn’t find another episode. When is the next episode airing?
      BTW, get some advertising on Google. I had to switch to Yahoo to find this!

      1. I enjoyed you and your reno, fantastico LOL… just lucked out to put tv on at the right time. This is my fantasy come to life! Congrats and I hope to see more on hgtv.

      2. Hi Annette. I’ve asked the producers if HGTV will re-air the pilot. It’s not a series. Today was just the pilot episode. Fingers crossed that we go to series. Thank you for watching!

  1. Kudos to you! 👏🏽👏🏽You are living a life many can only dream of! I continue to be so proud of you and your accomplishments. Can’t wait to see the show! Love you more! 😘❤️

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      1. I too just happened to have hgtv on at that time and saw the show. Loved it as well and hope it becomes a series. Love Italy and loved seeing the transformation of the home. Would love to buy a property in Italy and renovate it. She made it look very easy.

      1. Loved the show was trying to find it again to watch again… such luck….congratulations

  2. Ho visto sua programma oggi. Era molto fantastico. Sogno di avere una casa in Italia. Trovi case per persone interessato stanno abitano in Italia? Guardo online per case ma sono paura per correre il rischio. Sto studiando Italiano per un poche anni allora ho scritto in Italiano

  3. This was fabulous!
    We need more programming.
    When is the next episode?
    Why did I have to use Yahoo to find this? Nothing on Google :/
    Good job!

  4. I feel like I know you, you are a lovely person. Your design style is amazing I look forward to
    see what you do next. I have considered buying a home in Italy for my family, to have someone
    like you to coordinate such a big project would be amazing. Where can I begin ? Again thank you
    for your new show ,It shows me its not impossible .

    1. Hello Iilyann! Thank you for the kind words.

      It’s not impossible. The first thing is to focus on the region you would like to buy in. That will determine a lot (costs for example).

      The key is having a great local team in place. As you know, Italian red tape is not joke.

      I don’t find houses but I do hear of houses for sale all the time. If you know what area interests you, I can see if I know any real estates agents in that area. In the meantime, I would join some of the Expat in Italy FB groups. They are a great resource regarding the realties, and not just the movie version, of what it’s like to live in Italy.

  5. Incredible show. What a transformation! I loved how you uncovered that arch and the cathedral cielings. Congratulations.

  6. What an amazing job! Just gorgeous…so jealous but love to see someone living my dream. Can’t wait to get back to Italy…will need to explore more small towns for sure!

    1. Is there a link that I can post on social media? I have “like-minded” friends who would love to see your show!

  7. You and your team have outdone yourselves. The transformation was stunning. Hope to see much more of you on HGTV. Congratulations on what I hope is the first of many episodes. Add me to your fan count!

  8. Holy Freaking Geez Moly!!! Love Love Luuuurve this show! I just so happened to work nights this week and caught this show. Arlene’s style & professionalism was impeccable! Please tell me this was not a fluke and will be a continuing series. Head honchos of HGTV Pleeeeeease give Arlene full reign! This show was fresh & inspiring! Congratulations to you & your staff Arlene. I need more!

  9. Lovely, loved what you did with the homes to a warm modern historic home. We are looking forward to more!

  10. Arlene,
    You are uber talented! I just saw the pilot and as an interior designer and former film and commercial set decorator, I can say you hit it out of the ballpark with that pilot! Congratulations! I imagine your phone will be ringing off the hook if it isn’t already. That Reno truly transformed that space from what looked like rubble/ruin to a gleaming gem. 👏👏👏👏

  11. Wife and i just happen to come across your show, absolutely amazing!
    Great job, can’t wait for more episodes.

  12. Dang I missed this! How can I find out when this airs again? I am just in Thea’s Moving to Italy Master Class.

    All the best,

  13. Saw the show on Thursday. You did a fabulous job! I love Italy and would love to own a house there someday. I really hope this becomes a series. Made me wish I was back there!

  14. Ciao bella! I hope the show runs again. I can’t find it anywhere. I’m currently in the process of buying a fixer upper in Arpino (site unseen!) Crazy right? I’m working with some of the folks who helped you in this project. It’s both exciting and daunting. Can’t wait.

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