Arrivederci 2020!

Greetings from the Caribbean!  There’s still no liming.   I clearly remember many of my friends saying that they were glad to see 2019 go and 2020 couldn’t be worse.  Well, what can I say?  2020 showed up and showed out.    While I’m very fortunate not to have lost any friends or family because of Covid, several people I … Continue reading Arrivederci 2020!

The Design Files – Interior Design Master Class

Edited by Carl Dellatore, INTERIOR DESIGN MASTER CLASS: 100 Lessons From America’s Finest Designers On The Art of Decoration, is an outstanding book. Although it’s geared towards students of design and professionals, this book would appeal to anyone who’s curious about interiors. The book is divided into six sections: theory, structure, style, process, elements, and … Continue reading The Design Files – Interior Design Master Class