Io Adoro – Wonderfool, A Spa/Concept Store In Rome

Filippo Cosmelli of IF Lifestyle Management suggested I check out Wonderfool when I asked him for some advice regarding one of my personal shopping clients. Prospero Di Veroli, a former advertising executive on Madison Avenue, has created a beautiful space dedicated to well-being and style. I’ve heard people rave about the spa services.  Originally the … Continue reading Io Adoro – Wonderfool, A Spa/Concept Store In Rome

It’s Easy Being Green*

*Apologies to Mr. Kermit the Frog. While I have always appreciated the color green in nature and in interiors, only recently have I fallen for this color in clothing. Green represents growth, harmony, balance, and freshness. It’s a “cool” color which is why, with my complexion, I should really wear it more often. Greens were … Continue reading It’s Easy Being Green*